Instant background segmentation powered by Neural Networks

We can provide you with the tools to create any AR beauty and makeup look imaginable.

Plug and play

DeepAR’s background segmentation is really simple and integrated into DeepAR’s core SDK.

Any use case

Use background segmentation in any type of project, from video calls to photo editing apps on mobile or desktop.

Highly optimised

DeepAR provides real-time segmentation at 30fps, designed for performance on any kind of device.

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DeepAR SDK browser demo

Blazing fast on mobile, browser & desktop

Enjoy up to 60fps with high-definition, realtime background segmentation even on affordable mobile devices.

Phone showing dial with 60 FPS speed

Cross platform support

Build AR experiences for all major platforms with one SDK.

Optimised for the most popular tech stacks.

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Coming soon
AR effects on multiple devices

Combine with other features

Build advanced AR experiences by combining background segmentation with face tracking, filters and hair segmentation.  Manage everything from one SDK.

Photo showing separate hair and face filters being used at the same time

Full-body segmentation

Create an effect that separates people from their background. You can then replace the background behind them.

Coming soon
Body being segmented (Elvis!)

Segment multiple people

Create an effect that separates multiple people from their background. You can then replace the background behind them.

Multiple bodies being segmented
Fly lookin' 3D price label.

Simple pricing

Benefit from every feature, pay as you grow.

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Woman with hearts AR effect above her head - she's in LUURVEExcited man with fireworks AR filter above his head
Woman vomiting a rainbow. At least there will be a pot of gold at the end...or is that sweetcorn?Woman with heart AR effect over her eyes. She's also in luuurve.