Add AR to any platform within minutes

Add 3D face masks, effects and more with better performance than Snapchat in a powerful SDK built for iOS, MacOS, Android and HTML5.

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AR Face Filters

Realtime Face Tracking

High performance

Add 3D face masks and effects ~ with better performance than Snapchat in a powerful SDK built for iOS, Android, HTML5 and Unity.

A woman with Face Filter mesh on her face. Looks itchy!

Multiple faces

Apply AR effects to up to 4 faces simultaneously on any device, without glitching or lagging.

Four happy women a vibin' with face tracking info on each of their faces.

Face Filters

Get 3D Face Filters and Masks in any App or Website.

Beauty & Makeup

Advanced Beauty & Makeup

Enable Makeup Try-on and Advanced Beauty Effects with this amazing Add-on.

Hair Segmentation

Hair Colour Segmentation

Using advanced deep learning techniques we can dynamically changing hair colour in live video.

Preview of two iPhones each showing a woman using our Hair Colour Segmentation filters... and loving it!

Background Segmentation

Realtime Background Removal

Create an immersive AR experience by replacing backgrounds in realtime.

Emotion Detection

Realtime Emotion Detection

Detect faces showing sad, happy, angry, surprised and scared emotions in a video feed.

Body Tracking

Realtime Body Tracking

Track 17 key body points on the waist, shoulders, elbows, arms and head.

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Creator Studio

Turn any 3D file into an AR asset

A Simple, Fast Way to Create, Edit and Finetune your AR Content

Mockup of our DeepAR Creator Studio desktop software editing a face filter of a viking hat + football glasses.
Fly lookin' 3D price label.

Simple pricing

Benefit from every feature, pay as you grow.

Ready to start using DeepAR?

Create an account for free and integrate the SDK within minutes. We even have a load of prebuilt integrations to make your life easier. Or if you prefer, get in touch with us over here.

Woman with hearts AR effect above her head - she's in LUURVEExcited man with fireworks AR filter above his head
Woman vomiting a rainbow. At least there will be a pot of gold at the end...or is that sweetcorn?Woman with heart AR effect over her eyes. She's also in luuurve.